Vincent is a Belgium-based tech and product-oriented entrepreneur. After graduating in computer science from UMONS, he worked for a few years as a full-stack engineer, then he gradually shifted towards product-oriented and managerial-oriented roles. He co-founded and/or worked for a few early-stage startups in Europe and in Silicon Valley, including 1MD, WooRank, Storify and Instaply. He’s now working at Ludus, as a Co-Founder and CTO.


After graduating from UMONS in 2005, Vincent started as a front-end engineer in a Charleroi-based company building a software with AI (NLP) for human resources.

In 2007, he then went on to work for Emakina, the biggest web agency in Belgium, based in Brussels, where he had the chance to work for clients such as Audi, Brussels Airlines, GlaxoSmithKline, Knauf Insulation, Pfizer, Volkswagen and Wrangler Europe.

Then, in 2009, with 3 other colleagues from Emakina, he created his own web agency called One Million Dollars (1MD). At 1MD, he worked for big companies like Activision, Coca-Cola, Fiat, Greenpeace, Kia Motors, Nutella and Sony Music, but also for startups (including WooRank, which he co-founded), and that’s when he fell in love with the strange world of entrepreneurship.

In 2011, he had the chance to move to San Francisco to work for Storify, a tech startup active in social media, and that counted The New York Times, The Guardian and The White House as its users (among many others). Storify was acquired by Adobe in 2016, but has been shut down since then.

In 2013, Vincent started working at Instaply, a platform that delivers customer service over text messaging. He stayed there until mid-2016, moving to Barcelona, and opening their European HQ in the meantime.

Then, after a few months of consulting for European tech startups, he created his own SaaS startup called Ludus, a presentation tool for creative people (see it as a mix between Keynote and Photoshop, but in the cloud).

In 2019, in addition to building Ludus, he started as a CTO in residence at madewithlove, and he had the opportunity to be CTO ad interim for startups and scale-ups such as Fishtripr, Qualifio, and Routinely.

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