28 janvier 2016

I’m currently reading Abundance, a great book that I’ll review as soon as I’m done with it. In the meantime, I couldn’t resist sharing with you this little extract:

Imagine toilets that require no infrastructure. No pipes under the floor, no leach field under the lawn, now sewer systems running down the block. These high-tech outhouses powder and burn the feces and flash evaporate the urine, rendering everything sterile along the way. Rather than wasting anything, these toilets give back: packets of urea (for fertilizer), table salt, volumes of freshwater, and enough power that you can charge your cell phone while taking a crap, should the need arise. Tie these toilets into the smart grid, and the electricity can be sold back to the utility company, marking the first time in history that anyone has been paid to poop.

The future is better than we think!